The Mom Life | Quirks of an Only Child

Before, I talked about why we only have the one child. Today, I will talk about the little quirky things that one child does. What I feel like is product of him being said only child.

Only having one child comes with a lot of things. There are things he does that are just quirky and I have to ask, "Is this because he is an only child?" Here are my thoughts on raising an only child.

1. He cannot stand to be alone.

  • He might get this from his Dad. He doesn't like to be alone either. 
  • He will follow me or his Daddy around the house playing the entire time. 
  • He is nearly 8 and it is a constant struggle to get him to sleep in his own room. 
  • He "just checks" on us all the time. He yells for us & when we reply it is, "just checking!" 
  • I think his biggest fear in life is to be lonely. 

2. He talks to himself...a lot!

  • He cannot be in the shower or bath without a full conversation with himself
  • He talks to himself in the mirror. It is so strange to me! I am constantly having to tell him to stop talking to himself & get ready. 
  • He will be playing or riding in the car in full conversation with himself. I think he is talking to me & ask him what he said. 9 times out of 10 I get, "I am talking to myself." 

3. He is crazy imaginative. 
  • Truly I have never seen a kid with such an imagination!
  • He has had crazy imaginative dreams since he was 3ish. (dinos in space) 
  • He tells the most crazy & out there stories. 
  • He can come up with something fun while playing with just a bag. (seriously. he has done this!)

4. He has crazy self confidence. 
  • He knows he is smart, funny, and handsome. (I probably tell him too much!)
  • He rarely doubts himself and his ability to do things. 
  • He can walk up to anyone/anywhere & make friends. 

5. He appreciates quietness 
  • When he is with a rowdy group of kids (usually playing with his cousins), he has to take moments & be by himself in quietness. (don't get me wrong. He is just as loud as they are!!)
  • When we are at a really busy and loud place, he is worn out & irritable afterwards. 
  • Even though he talks to himself...a lot, he has moments of just sitting quietly. 

There are so many other things that he does that to me scream, "I am an only child!" These were just a few of them. So, I ask you. Does your only child do any of these? Or does one of your multi-kids do any of these? What else do they do that just screams, "only child", "middle child", or "baby". Or so on. You get what I am trying to say. What are the little quirky things your kids do? 

One Word: Food

From time-to-time I am going to just take a one word and blog about it. Today, my one word is food. Food is a big thing in my life. I struggle on a daily bases not to make it the thing in my life. Putting it before God, my family, and myself. Constantly thinking about it or thinking about what it doe to me.

Food. I don't know that we have always had a bad relationship. I also cannot really tell you when that relationship started. Growing up we were poor. We didn't eat out. We ate what was put in front of us. We didn't ask questions about it. We just ate it. I think part of that fed into my eating whatever I want, whenever I want. (I am not blaming the way I was raised. So, don't think that!)

When I became an adult (teens-20s) and had a job & could buy what I wanted, I did just that. Not to mention I had the metabolism of a whoever has crazy fast ones. lol. So, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and as much as I wanted. I wasn't thinking about the preoccupations of that. I was just thinking, "GIVE ME FOOD!" Part of this time, I was in a very image -important relationship. Meaning it was important to one of us that everything appeared perfect. That included our appearance. This started the snowballing of me into an eating disorder. 

That is right. I went from eating all the food in sight, to eating just enough not to get a migraine. If I didn't get those, who knows how tiny I would have gotten. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall. When I left that relationship I weight 112lbs. I would say about 10 lbs of that was all boobs. It got to the point that my now husband would watch me eat to make sure that I was. It finally broke me of that. 

So, where does my relationship with food stand now? I am just going to go ahead and say it. I am 225lbs. Yep. I am twice the size I was when I started dating my husband. He still chases me around the house and says he finds me attractive. However, I struggle with this on a daily hourly bases. It is true. I went from eating everything in site, to not eating at all, to eating like I should but abusing my body of the years has finally caught up to me. 

Food is always on my mind. I work daily to try to not make it be in my brain at all times. A lot of prayers and diverting my attention. It is a slow process. I will get there one day! 

So, I want to know. When I say the word "food", what do you think? Let me know. Blog it & come back and link me up. 

Wordless Wednesday | On Dasher! On Dancer!

The Mom Life | Raising an Only Child

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all well. Today, I am going to talk about being a Mom. More specifically, being a Mom to one. I will go ahead and say it. This is just my experience in raising a boy, only child, and so on. Is the way I parent the right way? Is there a right way?! I raise my son with God's guidence and what my husband and I think is best. You raise yours the way you see fit! ;-) this is just my thoughts, ideas, and what I have personally experienced. 

Now that we got that out of the way, I should probably give a little background on my "Mom Life". My husband and I got married March of one year. That April I found out I was pregnant. That December we were parents. (In case you didn't catch it. That is how this blog got that name. March to December. Also, you can read about Z's birth story HERE.) That was nearly 8 years ago.

That is right. We have one kid who is going to be 8. I do get that question, often actually. "When are you going to have another kid?" or "When are you going to have Z a little brother/sister?" Personally, I wouldn't ever ask anyone that. That is a really personal choice. Does it upset me when people ask?! No. I understand why they are. In this day and age, people do not usually just have one child.

My sister has 3 (all boys!), I just have the one child, some of my friends have 2, some of them have more than 3, and some of them do not have any at all. All of us have made a personal choice! Our choice comes from many stand points. Some of which include financial and medical. We would be happy with another child! In fact we were in the talks of adopting a little girl. That fell through though. So, it isn't that we don't want other children. It just hasn't happened. That being said, I am 110% happy being just Z's momma.

Being a parent is a lot of work. Being a parent of more than once child is a crazy amount of work to me. You are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. I know that as humans we tend to look at other's life as "greener on the other side." While parenting just one child isn't as busy as multiple children. It isn't all naps, tv binge watching, and sexy time. This is what I learned being a mom of 1.

  1. I am my child's playmate: It isn't his choice that he is an only child & does not have siblings to play with. No one wants to see their child sad & lonely. I do tell him, "not right now". In fact, I don't have a problem with telling him that. It is good for a child to hear, "no"! However, I have played more Xbox, Lego's, Star Wars, & Ninja Turtles since he has been born than I did playing Barbies growing up. He isn't always going to want to hang out with his parents. I try to sap all those moments up now. 

  2. You have to say no...a lot: No parent like to tell their child no. I find that as a mom of just one boy, I have a harder time saying no. Like I want to make up for him not having a sibling by giving him everything he wants, entertaining him at all times, and trying to make him happy. I constantly have to police myself with that. Being a "yes-mom" can have terrible outcomes. I don't want to raise a boy to a man who thinks everything he wants (good or bad) he should get. Makes me shutter to think about that!!

  3. He is my only hope for grand-babies!: When you only have the one child & not at least an "heir and a spare", you are putting your grandparent future in their hands. What if they don't want to have kids?! What if they cannot have kids?! So on and so forth. One of the best things about parenting is being able to help with your grand-babies when you are older. 

Okay, so there are many many many more things that come to raising just one kid. I will save them for a later date though. I am asking you now. What have you noticed about raising one kid? Or even yet, when you had your 2nd, 3rd and so on child. What differences did you notice? I really would like to know these things! 

Wordless Wednesday | Love

The Man Behind The Blog | Vol. 001

Good morning everyone! Week #2 of my new job. At what point do I stop calling it my new job? Anyway, I thought it would be a bit fun to get to know the March of March to December. My better half (and I am not just saying that. He is truly my better half!). So, I asked him some fun questions.

1. What would you do with $1,000,000? I would pay off our house and debt. Then I would take us and the extended family on a kick ass vacation to Disney world. You a new car. Then the rest would get saved for our retirement and Isaiah’s college, and invested.

2. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Wolf, duh there freaking awesome.

3. What is your favorite meal? Depends on what I’m in the mood for it could be Fried rice and shrimp, or a nice juicy hamburger, or pizza…those are def my 3 favorites.

4. Describe yourself in 3 words: Laid back awesomness  

 5. Introduce yourself in 140 words or less: My name is Jeremy, I have a wonderful wife and son. I love to laugh and be sarcastic. I like to watch movies and eat popcorn. I really enjoy hanging out with my family…I’m not a go out and hang with the “guys” type of guy.

 6. Do you read your wife's blog? If so, what is your favorite post? I try and read them all. I really don’t have a favorite.

There you have it! Some interesting tidbits about Mr. March. They are typical March kinda responses. Nothing was a shock to me. I think everyone has that conversation about what you would do if you wont the lottery. If you haven't, do it! It is a fun conversation.

The reason he said wolves is because he used to work with them. He volunteered at the local nature center when we first started dating.He worked with the wolves.

Those are his favorite food. Although, he also loves home made tacos. Nothing fancy. Just some El Paso seasoning, hamburger meat, cheese and wraps. Makes him happy.

#4....yup. That is typical March....and true. :-)

He is a home body and does love movies and popcorn. If he could (maybe having more than $1M) he would open a movie theater. He loves the whole experience that much!

These kinds of posts are fun. If you have a willing partner, ask them! Link me up!

My New Job's 1st Week

This is a panoramic view of my new office. Like I said in the post about getting a new job, I am not going to really talk about my job. However, this was week 1 and it was a doozy! After this post, you will likely never hear me speak of it again. Here is my week in photos!

1st day jitters & no idea what I was in store for!

walking in to the loudest place I've ever been & told this was to be my office. gulp!

Day 2. Dressed down a bit & spent 99% of the day sitting & doing nothing.

Day 3. The view out my door. 

Day 3. More sitting. Feeling a bit annoyed. 

Day 4. 100% dressed down. Panda Loving! ABOUT TIME! I got some training!

I went from an office to myself. It was so so so quiet & in a business complex. To in the middle of a production mean, die pounding out metal right out my door & sharing an office. However, yesterday I finally felt like I didn't make a mistake and this was the job for me. I am 110% ready to tackle this job & make it my own!! 


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