Isaiah's Birth Story


Today my baby turns SEVEN years old. I guess it has to come to a point when I stop calling him my baby. I don't just do so when talking about him. My typical greeting response to him is, "hey, baby!" Which I found out last night my mom replies the same way to me. So, he might be baby until forever he is grown.

I realized in thinking about his actual BIRTH day, that I really never have talked about that here. A lot of mommy blogs have, "______ Birth Story". Since I didn't actually go into labor and "birth" him, I never really thought to tell it. However, I think 7 years is long enough of waiting to get around to it. It goes a little something like this.

I got pregnant a month after getting married in 2007. That would be April. My due date was Januray 15, 2008. You might notice from previous posts, that this didn't happen. The name of my blog is MARCH (married) to DECEMBER (birth). Yep, he was a month premature.

Let me back up a bit. I kinda always knew that he was going to be born in December. I remember driving in my car talking to my sister saying that I just had this feeling that he would be born by the end of the year. (at that time I didn't know if I was having a boy or girl either. I just kinda knew he would be a boy too). Anyway, I had a great 1st and 2nd trimester. I slept like a champ, only threw up once, and my migraines dissipated. I had this pregnant thing down!

{insert evil laugh here} Little did I know the home stretch would cause me never to want to be pregnant again. I just felt like crap. I couldn't put my finger on it. I was just miserable. I ballooned up 20lbs in the matter of about 2 weeks. That isn't good. My tummy itched so bad it kept me awake (more than the baby moving and the peeing) and I scratched myself to bleeding.

I had a 33 week check up. Off to the doctor I went. The doctor looked concerned when he came in after the nurse. My blood pressure was high. I don't remember the #s. It was bad high though. So, they sent me home for bed rest. I then had to come back twice a week...sigh. I hate leaving the house not pregnant. Imagine about to pop, itchy, and tired pregnant.

The HBP is what was causing me to just feel terrible. It also caused the 20lb weight gain. Water weight. So I kept going back twice a week for two more weeks. The 35th week I went in for the 1st appointment. They put me on a table, strapped me down, and nearly moved the table to the point that my feet were up in the air and my head on the ground. That was comfortable with HBP and a human inside me.....I had dilated a whole...zero cm. He hadn't even dropped. They were super concerned about my blood pressure though.

December 17, 2007 I went back in for that 2nd appointment. If you are keeping track, you know what is about to happen. Strapped down and back on my head. zero cm. No dropping. Isaiah is always running on his own time. They sent me next door to the hospital though. Hooked me up to the monitors. All that. I knew what is coming. I had Jeremy come to the hospital. We were going home with a baby!

We called everyone. Had people pick things up for me. (you should know this about me. I am a procrastinator and I HAD A MONTH!) Got super nervous and waited. They tried to induce labor....see above. (zero cm. no droppage). The medicine they gave me to keep my blood pressure from causing me seizures also slowed down labor....SERIOUSLY?!? I was so frustrated.

They made the decision that, even though he was a month early, it was time to do an emergency c section. Which was fine by me. God knew this girl couldn't handle labor. I was so scared of it the entire 35 weeks.

They were getting me ready (I wont go into those details) and I remember looking up at Jeremy. I told him something to the effect of, 'I changed my mind!" hilarious, right? They took me back to the freezing cold operating room. One nurse had to hold me I was shaking so bad. Basically holding me down for the spinal tap.

I wasn't prepared. Mentally. In anyway. Didn't matter. He was coming. Jeremy came in the room and sat by my head. They had my bottom half covered and pinching me. To test the meds. Then the procedure started. The Dr talked through the whole thing. Which he didn't need to. That giant light above my head allowed me to SEE THE WHOLE THING. Someone should tell them about that.

He told me I was going to feel a slight tug. I felt them pulling my body off the bed (not really. just felt that way) and then felt one of the best feelings in the world....I COULD BREATH!! That little guy lived right under my ribs. Then I heard the best sound in the world....MY BABY CRY!

They allowed Jeremy to hold him. I was shaking so bad they gave me meds to calm me down. I was out. I don't remember anything from then until hours and hours later. My mom changed Isaiah's first diaper (a-ok with that). Jeremy, I think, fed him for the first time. I just held my beautiful baby and looked at him. That old wives tale about hair and heartburn....true story. He was born with 3 inches of hair! no lie.

After that, they secluded me in my room with no visitors. I had 2 blood transfusions and the worse pain b/c my uterus wouldn't shrink back. All-in-all....I wouldn't change any of that if it means having Isaiah again. I just don't want to do it again for another kid. ;-) Someone want to give me one?! anyone?! :-)

I should also mention that even being born a month early, he was as healthy as could be! He was 6lbs 7oz and 19 inches long. He was born at 36 minutes after midnight on the 18th. He stayed in the NICU for maybe a few hours. I want to say just an hour. They had to monitor his lungs because he was early. They were great though. Believe me. He had colic and screamed for 6 months straight!!

I am now a mommy of a 7 year old boy. A smart, funny, loving, and handsome boy. I was made to be a mommy. His mommy. It wasn't easy and some times it still isn't. It is all worth it though. Happy Birthday Isaiah!!

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Good afternoon!! I hope this finds everyone well. I thought I would come back here and give the people who missed this a chance to read up on it. If you read about it, read it again. :-D Get excited!!

Blog-It 52!! What is blog-it 52? Well, it is a lot like a project 52. A photo a week kind of thing. However, it isn't photos. It is blog posts. I know there has to be bloggers out there, like me who struggles with consistent blog posts. So, for at least one post a week, I got you covered!!

I will post two month's of prompts at a time. That way, you can blog ahead if you want. Every week, whatever day you want, take that prompt and blog about it. I would love if you came back here & linked up with everyone else. You don't have to though. There are NO RULES with this project. I just want to help other people blog. So, without further adieu, here is the 1st two month's prompts.

I am really looking forward to this!! They are all simple prompts. Nothing that you are really going to have to wrack your brain with. Just fun, light, and easy blog posts. If you forget what to blog about or want to go back and look at past posts, you can do so HERE. If this is successful, we will do it again in 2016 and posts picked out by not only me, but you.

There you go. Get your blogging brains ready & brush up those blogs. In just a few short weeks ( can you believe the year is over in less than 2 months?!) we will get our blogging on!! If you happen to want to put this button with your posts, or on your blog, have at it! (This is a no rules project though...so, not required!)

march to december

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Happy Thanksgiving!!


Good morning! I am off to take part in a family Thanksgiving. I haven't done that since I was a child. I am sure excited. I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving. If you are working, I thank you for the service you provide. I've been there and it stinks. You are appreciated.

Remember to take a moment to be thankful for everything God has given you. Don't forget those people out on the roads and working. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Scrapbooking Saturday 022 | Layout Catch Up


Good Saturday morning!! I hope that this finds everyone well & toasty warm. I hope that no one has been hit by that crazy snow storm in NY. Now, I love me some snow. I am not really sure about that much. I pray that everyone is safe up there!

It has been a while since I have done a scrapbooking saturday. So...that is exactly what I am doing. Today's SS is just a layout catch up. What I have been doing since I haven't really been on blogging, is scrapping. A LOT of it. So, here are some of my favorite layouts. You can click HERE for full credits.

As the Leaves turn by Crazy-4-Monograms

Romantique Collection by Ooh La La Designs

Mustache You by Cornelia Designs

Kindess is Free Bundle by Aprilisa Designs
There you have it. Some of my newest and most favorite layouts. I will be back from time-to-time to brag some more. lol. Interested in getting started in digi-scrapbooking? I taught myself. Seriously! If I can do it, you can too. I got a photo editing program and looked up tutorials. There are a lot more now than there were 7 years ago. I did a lot of googling. I would suggest starting HEREHERE. There is a great collection on TUTS. From the beginning to the difficult. 

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Friday Favorites || 002


Good afternoon everyone! It's finally Friday! Woop! So, today I am just dropping in to show you some more items off my wish list. What I am crushing on this Friday. My favorites. Take a look: 

You can find number 1 HERE. Is that not just the sweetest? Bug and I have our little song to tell each other that we love each other. This household is very open in their love for each other. I think this necklace is perfect for this mommy!! 

#2 is so pretty and raw. I used to want to be a geologist! Have I ever mentioned that? Well, I did. All the way up to the 8th grade. Earth science that year & we watched a video about geologists. I saw them repel down into a cave. The opening was smaller than them. They had to hold their arms above their heads...I hyperventilated in class just watching that! So, I axed that pretty quick. I still love beautiful gems though. 

Ooh la la!! ;-) I love clothes. That includes under clothes. Nothing like a pretty bra to pep me up. Feel sexy. You know what I am talking about! It is also pretty hard (and expensive) to find brazeers to fit my big girls. I came across this lovely and went on my list very fast! Check out THIS pretty bra! 

So, there is a bit of my wishlist. The things I am crushing on today and my Friday favorites. What are you crushing on right now? link me up!! 

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