InstaLately 013

It has been a while since I have done an insta-lately update. My instagram is a good way to follow along with the every day of my life. What does that mean?! Well, a lot of photos of my son, my son doing his homework, my son playing, the occasional selfie, every blue moon my husband, and weather. I am SO much fun guys! :-)

Where did "March to December" come from?

A rose by any other name...
Or a blog. :-) Today's post is how did March to December get it's name.
Week 14 | How did your blog get it's name? 
I have had people ask me where the name "March to December" came about. 
The people who know me & my life probably could figure it out. I also mentioned once before, here, that I would talk about me and the hubby's story
It all starts with March. 

Words I thought I would never say.

It has been a year and a half since I walked away from a job that I had for 8 years. I couldn't work 3rd shift anymore. There were other things involved that made we walk away. Not really worth mentioning though. Walk away I did. Got up one evening and say, "enough-is-enough!" Didn't have another job lined up and was out of a job for 3 months. (shout out to my amazing hubby who supported me in every sense of the word during that time). All that being said, I thought I would never get back into the trucking field.

Boy was I wrong!

Wordless Wednesday | Chapter Book

I want to read more!

Is reading a hobby? It has to be, right?
I love to read and I just do not get enough of it. This week's Blog-It 52's topic is a hobby I would like to start. I thought about it. Would I like to learn a craft? No. What about learning to design those wonderful digi-scrap goodies I use. Nah. Do something adventurous? Not for me. Truly, I would just like to get back into reading more!

If you Give a Kid a Camera

Someone likes taking photos of the their momma!

Scrapbooking Saturday

If you are thinking about getting into digi-scrap, I have a POST about that.