Journey of Health | Week 5-7

I know...I know! Before you say anything, I know! I have been absent from the blogging world. Does that mean I have been absent from my Journey of Health? Well, yes...and no. I am not about to flood you with a bunch of excuses. I am just going to explain what happened.

As you might know, I was working two jobs. That's right, past tense. My 2nd job "eliminated the position." I feel like it was handled poorly and it has given me a bad taste for trucking. (Because the 1st 8 years in trucking that beat me down, made me depressed, and killed me emotionally didn't do it!) On top of that, I was helping out my parents with my MeeMaw. I didn't have a spare moment. Could I probably really spare 30 minutes a day to work out? Well, sure. That meant I had to get up early or lose sleep. 30 minutes might not sound like a bit deal. It is when you do not have any free days off work. It has been pretty established that I am not going to get up early to do squat as well!

You would think that meant once the job was no more & I had free days that I came back at it full force? Well, no again. School started back up. (I am not getting up early for anything!) and I just don't have even 30 minutes to spare in the evening. So, what does that mean?

Week 5 I was still working my 2 jobs. I decided that I would take a week off from working out nearly every day. That might be where my mistake came in. I was swimming everyday and I thought that would be enough. I would pick it back up week 6.

Week 6 came & I didn't do a thing. No swimming, and eating terrible. I allowed that door to bad health choices to open back up and I danced right through it.

Week 7 I saw what I was doing and the spiral that was about to happen. I sat down and had a talk with myself. :-) I still didn't want to focus on the weight part of being healthy. That is not a healthy way for me to go with it. I wasn't going to kid myself and say I was getting up early to work out. I didn't see where I could find time to work out after work. What was a girl to do? I pulled my eating back on track. I stopped monitoring my calorie intake. With PCOS, calories (or lack there of) isn't going to help me be healthy. I am focusing on having a more clean diet. I stay aware of how much calories I am putting my body. I am just choosing not to focus on that. With my past, I cannot focus on that. I am eating healthy, clean, and the right portions.

What about working out? Well, I had a bad experience with someone from BeachBody. Not bad per se, but not ideal. I have never learned or excelled by someone yelling, being ugly, or berating me. It is just not how I work. I actually shut down when that crap happens. Some people need a drill sergeant berating them. I need a gentler approach. It completely turned me away from the BB thing. Not to mention that at this time, I don't have 30 minutes of non-work time to go home and work out.

I was talking to my Dad and sister last weekend. They both are part of a gym. UGH. I hate gyms. I am not about dragging my fat rear end to a gym, working out in front of people I don't know and are better at it than me. A girl has to do what a girl has to do though, right? I DO have 30 minutes (to an hour) during lunch and there is a gym right down the street from my work. I usually sit at my desk at lunch. Soooo....why not go work out?! So, that is what I am going to do.

Yes, I lost focus a little bit. I think that happens from time-to-time in a journey to healthier you. The main thing is that I got back on focus! I cannot join the gym just yet. Hopefully at the end of next week i will be able to. In the mean time, I am going to focus on healthy eating options and healthy thought about me! I am my own worse enemy. No one can tear me down and make me feel like dirt better than myself. I am working on changing that!

Wish me luck. I hope not to lose focus again. I hope that this new change will be a good change. I hope for a healthier me!

If you have any suggestions, I am happy to hear them! I am a novice at this kind of thing and I dont shy away from advise. Let me have it!!

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THIS is Why I Scrapbook!!

I haven't really mentioned it unless it is to people that need to know for work purposes and so on. However, my grandmother (who we call MeeMaw) has Alzheimer's. I am not going to go into detail about how we found out, the progression, and so on. This is out of respect from my family and MeeMaw herself.
That being said, I stayed over at my parent's house last night. She is living with them now. I loaded up all my scrapbooks to take with me. I just knew that she would enjoy that. I am pretty sure I got my love of photos from her! Her boxes and boxes of photos. Frames everywhere you can imagine. Photos stuck in her tv edges. Constantly taking our photos growing up. Well, that is me now. lol.

The one difference is I take my photos and turn them into digital scrapbooking layouts. I print them out and put them in books. Really I scrapbook for myself and for my son when he is older. He could care less now. He (and his future wife) will love these books. I just know it. I never thought really about scrapping for the people here and now in my life. Usually I just think that printing out my digital scrapbooking layouts and giving them as gifts gets on their nerves. The constant posting them on FB the same.

My MeeMaw sat and looked at every single page. Not just looked. She read every bit of journaling, looked for the dates, touched every photo, laughed, and talked about each page in debt. We took about 2 hours looking at the books. I am telling you, I have never felt my digital scrapbooking more appreciated as I did last night. She was looking at them again this morning too!

This isn't a staged photo. (I probably couldn't get her to do that anyway. lol). This is about 30 minutes into us looking at the books. I just happened to snap her touching the photos. This page is titled, "The Look." It is about (and you can kind of see it) the look that my son gives when he is annoyed...it is the same exact look I give. She laughed so much at this and agreed. That is his momma's look. :-)

This meant the world to me. To sit here and share these memories with my grandmother. It meant even more because she is such a huge part of who I am today. She stepped up and helped my single momma raise my sister and me. She is also forgetting things. To share memories....really there are no words.

That being said, make sure you take photos! If you are interested in getting into digital scrapbooking, I can point you in the right directions. You don't have to scrap or digital scrap. Take photos, journal, jot notes down. You never know who will enjoy those tangible memories. Not just the future generations.

I also learned something from this. Some of the fonts I have used are not easily legible and I need to put dates and journaling on every page. These are the things she pointed out. (I already was aware of the date thing). That is good to know!! So, word of advise if you are into digital scrapbooking. Use a legible font, date those pages, and jot at least a little something down. AND PRINT THOSE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING PAGES!!

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Journey of Health | Week 4

It is Monday and I couldn't be happier. I had one heck of a weekend and was just happy to get back into the normal Monday-Friday swing of things. What about you? Did you have a good weekend or are you glad it is Monday too?

That being said, I am popping by this morning to talk about how I did last week on my journey to a healthier La'Shawn. Last week I set the following goals.

Week 4 goals:

  • lbs lost: 2
  • work out: 5 days
  • nutrition: stay w/i my calories
  • food plan for week 5 

So, how did I do? Let me tell you a little about my week.

Monday - Wednesday I was rocking it like a champ. I didn't meal plan the week before, but I was still doing really well on my eating. I wasn't eating terrible food and I was maintaining a healthy amount of calories. I was also kicking butt and taking names with the working out. Literally, I got a butt cramp guys. Talk about ouch!! I was glad to be at home alone (well, with my 7 year old in another room consumed with his game he was playing) because I was hopping around the house, making funny noises, and rubbing my rear end. I am sure it was a comical things to see.

So, that leaves Thursday - Sunday....How did I do? Well, I cannot seem to make it a week without sabotaging myself. Doing the yo-yo thing. Wednesday I woke up with what felt like a pre-migraine. If you get migraines you know what I am talking about. My body was telling me to get ready, it was coming. So, I did everything I could to keep it from coming. That also included not straining myself and working out. I have two rest days. I will just take this as one.

Thursday, I woke up without a headache. yay! I am a night time worker-outer (i know. not a word). I thought I would be okay. Well, as each hour past I felt more and more tired. Not just, "it is almost the weekend" tired. Like, "I cannot keep my eyes open" tired. Once I got off work, got groceries, and got home I was spent. I cancelled my swimming plans and just called a night. That meant no working out. Like I said, I had two days of rest!

I should have known. I never get that tired without a reason. That pre-migraine was just that. Friday morning I woke up with a puking and raging migraine. I dealt with that in the morning, went to work once it was just a headache, had to leave early to get the kiddo, went to dinner with friends....you guessed it. No working out.

So that means Saturday and Sunday I did right?! Wrong. 2nd job kicked my butt Saturday. I let it be my excuse to not work out. Sunday 2nd job had me in tears. I was still going to work out though! Maybe I was just feeling so bad because I hadn't worked out...Well, a family emergancy came up. No working out last night either. I also found myself eating a candy bar, fried fish, and drinking a dr. pepper.

With me letting the working out slide, I start letting that eating slide. It is a slippery slope!! I cannot slack on one thing because I just let it all go down the crapper. So, once again I sabotaged myself. I let myself be my own worse enemy. All that being said, how did I do on my week 4 goals?

Week 4 Stats:

  • lbs lost: 2 (goal met)
  • total weight lost: 5lbs 
  • worked out: 3
  • food: 50/50
  • meal planned (goal met)
So, not terrible. My body rewarded the few days of hard work with some pounds lost. I didn't weigh myself yesterday or today. So who knows what the rest of the not hard work and the terrible terrible terrible eating I did yesterday did to these states.

Week 5 goals:

  • Not focus on lbs lost this week
  • focus on staying consistently healthy
  • work out: 5 days
  • nutrition: stay w/i my calories
  • food plan for week 6
So, this week I am not going to focus on the scale. With my past eating disorder, sometimes focusing on that number is just as unhealthy as eating myself into the grave. There will be no weighing at all this week. My main goal is just to stay consistent and healthy. No yo-yo dieting. No eating my feelings. No letting excuses happen. Listening to my body. Taking care and loving my body.  I will gauge this time next week if I want to step on the scale or not.

I have mentioned Jebbica's World before.She and I went to high school together, we were in the marching band together, and for a bit lived down the street from each other. She, like me, was a thin girl growing up to stuggle with being healthy. I suggest if you are looking for someone further along in their journey of health, to go over to Jessica's blog. She also has great giveaways, advise, and a fun Friday link up!!

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Journey of Health | Week 3

Hello everyone! Today is Monday here in the states. This is when I will be posting my weekly Journey of Health updates. Let you know how I did last week and weekend. Holding myself accountable. If you want to check back on week's 1 & 2, please do so. I am going to start out with what I had put down as my goals for week 3.

Week 3's Goals:

  • 2lbs lost
  • work out goal: 5 days
  • food: stay at my calories

Did I meet my goals?!....well, no. I didn't. I am trying not to beat myself up too bad over it. Bad days weeks are going to happen.  I was feeling so on track and doing really well until about Thursday. I wasn't seeing any changes weight wise. I was seeing a change though. My clothes fit just the tad bit looser. My hubby asked if I had lost weight. My silly boy said I looked different. Asked if I was shrinking. lol. I'll take shrinking any day!!

What happened to change from on track to not? I really couldn't tell you. I didn't feel a change in my attitiude. Nothing bad happened to make me change moods. I didn't hurt myself. The only thing I can think of is that it was the weekend.

I am going to have to get in the mindset that I need to stick with this during the weekend. This isn't just a Monday-Friday change. This is a lifestyle change! An everyday thing. I really think that I have a routine on working out down. I don't dread doing it. I even got myself a new sports bra this weekend to hold the girls up better. That way I don't have to hold them with my hands while bouncing around. lol. It is comical! I did the jump/bounce test in the fitting room. I love it!! It is like fort knox to get my girls in this thing. Just because it closes up in the front. Once I am in it, there is not moving! Me likely!

With that being said about working out, I feel like my hurdle at this point is my nutrition. Before I went shopping Thursday I wasn't really thinking about nutrition. I got my normal stuff. This week I am going to meal plan though. Sit down and plan out all my meals for everyday. I am also going to stick with the Focus T25 meal plan. Hopefully with doing that work out and sticking with their food choices, I will see a bit more changes. Now, for the actual stats for this week.

Week 3 Stats:
  • lbs lost: gained 3 back 
  • total weight lost: 3lbs 
  • worked out: 4 days
  • food: not good!

Week 4 goals:
  • lbs lost: 2
  • work out: 5 days
  • nutrition: stay w/i my calories
  • food plan for week 5 

 There you have it. This week is about not sabotaging myself over the weekend and getting things a bit more in line for Week 5. Keep me in your prayers that I keep to it. I cannot do it alone!

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I want to ask you to take a moment. Take a moment and pray for Chattanooga. I don't know if you heard or not, so I am going to explain a little of what happened. The day before yesterday, around 10:30est a gunman went to a military recruiting office, 1 minute from where I work & where I happened to be, and started shooting. He shot up the military recruiting office. Luckly, no one was killed there. Once the police came, the shooter was pursued over to another military recruiting office about 10 minutes away from where the previous one was. (close to where my sister works) and killed 4 marines, injured a police officer, and injured many more. It was a scary and sad day for Chattanooga. This isn't my "hometown". However, I come here 5 days a week to work. I have for 10 years. If we travel anywhere, instead of saying we are from some tiny town on one has ever heard of Georgia, we say we are from Chattanooga. 
They are not saying what the reason was behind this terrible act of violence. Really, to me, I don't care. I don't want to focus on what this mad-man did. Why he did what he did. I want to focus on the men and women who gave up so much for our freedom only to come home and be killed. I want to focus on the police who responded as well as they did and kept more people from being killed and hurt. I want to focus on prayer. So please, stop what you are doing and pray. Really pray. Don't just say you will and not do it. Don't just post #prayforchattanooga, and not actually pray. Please, stop what you are doing and talk to God. Pray for Chattanooga. Pray for the families that are dealing with the loss of their loved ones. Pray for our country. Pray for our service men & women. Just pray! 
thank you

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