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Blog It 52 - 2017

Blog It 52 - 2017

Welcome to this year's Blog it 52!! What is that you ask? If you have been around for a few years (think 2015), you have seen this before....I didn't finish it. I thought it would be a fun thing to do this up coming year. Not only for myself, but for others! I really hope that you all join along with me.

Okay. Back to what exactly is Blog It 52. Well, it is a lot like a project 52. A photo a week kind of thing. However, it isn't photos. It is blog posts. I know there has to be bloggers out there, like me who struggles with consistent blog posts. So, for at least one post a week, I got you covered!!

Yes. It is as simple as that! Back in 2015, I would only post 2 months at a time. This year, I am giving them all to you right now. can even get started on those posts if you so fancy! Every week, whatever day you want, take that prompt and blog about it. I would love if you came back here & linked up with everyone else. You don't have to though. There are NO RULES with this project. I just want to help other people blog. So, without further adieu, here are 2017's Blog-It 52 Prompts.

I am really looking forward to this!! They are all simple prompts. Nothing that you are really going to have to wrack your brain with. Just fun, light, and easy blog posts. If you forget what to blog about, want to see a list instead of an image, or want to go back and look at past posts, you can do so HERE. If this is successful, we will do it again in 2018 and posts picked out by not only me, but you.

There you go. Get your blogging brains ready & brush up those blogs. In just a few short weeks ( can you believe the year is over in less than 2 months?!) we will get our blogging on!! If you happen to want to put this button with your posts, or on your blog, have at it! (This is a no rules project, not required!)

Button for your Blog:

march to december

The rules: 

Heartbreak & Perspective

I sit here Monday night at 9:30pm. Before I left work today that I got a text message stating that there was a bus accident in a neighboring county. It is technically another state. I live in Georgia; and the accident happened about 30 minutes up the road in Chattanooga, Tn. A school bus with elementary children crashed. Crashed horribly. Children lost their lives.

I sit here listening to my nearly 9 year old boy laughing hysterically in the other room with his Daddy. I have tears streaming down my face. Myself nor my family were personally affected by this horrible accident. I still cannot help but feel heartbroken. To my core heartbroken.

I have felt like this before. When a little boy in the same county as we are, but a different school, got ran over by a bus and died. He was the same age as my son. When the little children lost their lives in Sandy Hook. My human brain cannot wrap itself around something like this happening!

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus and what he did for us. I have such a hard time not being angry when something senseless like this happens. I fight agianst the urge to cry out to God. "Why?! They are children!! What possible plan or good comes from children dying?!" I can't understand it. I don't think I ever will; and maybe it isn't my place to understand it. Maybe there is something to learn (and I hate phrasing it that way) from it.

My almost 9 year old little boy is still laughing in the other room. My heart is filled to the brim with happiness to hear that noise. Really, there is no better sound to a mother. Your child laughing. There are parents out there that wont hear that again, that would give anything to hear it. I love hearing it so much; but it hurts at the same time.

He wasn't supposed to be home right now though. He heard about what happened while he was out with his grandparents. The news can be garish sometimes. My mother-in-law said that she saw a physical change in him when he heard what happened. He is the perfect mixture of his Daddy and me. He is a lot like me when it comes to empathy. (Not saying his father isn't empathetic.) He feels others pain more sharply than he feels his own. He was scared it was his friends. His 8 year old brain didn't process that there was no school for his friends, just like him. Then when he was reassured that it wasn't his friends, he wanted to come home. He needed his parents. I needed him home!

We all know that we are not promised the next second. We know it! It takes moments like this to make most of us really know it though. We are not promised the next second. Live each moment in life like it is the last. You might not have, "in a moment" or "maybe tomorrow." We are all guilty of it. Be it work, a tv program, or even cleaning of the house.

It shouldn't take moments like this to make us remember this. It shouldn't take a tradgey. It shouldn't take children dying to really make us realize that our little ones won't be little forever; or that we might send them to school and they might not come home.

There really isn't a point to this blog post. It is more of a way for me to process the sadness I feel. I am not reminding really anyone to live in the moment. We all know it. Tradgey such as this, we of course all know it.

Hug your little ones, or big kids. Think about is what you are doing worth "maybe tomorrow." Look inward. Ask God questions. Listen for answers. Live in the moment.

I am off to find out what is so dang funny in the other room. :-)
It was Mythbusters.
I love my nerds!

My Latest Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

I thought it would be fun to showcase some new digital scrapbooking layouts. What is digital scrapbooking? Make sure you check out my introduction to digital scrapbooking post. In the mean time. Digital scrapbooking is a form of scrapbooking that has you using your computer to create your scrapbooking layouts. That is done using a personal computer, digital or scanned photos and computer graphics and advanced photo editing software.

Here are some of the latest digital scrapbooking layouts that I have made. 

All Year {November} - Bundle and Picture Perfect 34 by Aprilisa Designs

Christmas - Templates by Christaly Designs
Christmas Countdown : Collection by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs & Two Tiny Turtles

A Dozen Memories by Dagi's Temp-tations
Thanksgiving Day Kit by Keley Designs

Bearly Awake Bundle by Bella Gypsy Designs

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my latest digital scrapbooking layouts. If you want to know more about what I used on these, check out this post here

Living the Everyday

I think I say at the end of every season that it is usually the busiest of the year. I truly think that Fall and into Winter is actually the busiest. From the end of September to January 1st. I am pretty sure we are doing something nearly every weekend. We love all things Autumn in our house. Pumpkins, Halloween, changing of the leaves, and so on. Then you move into Thanksgiving and December. December brings us Christmas, of course, as well as the kiddo's birthday. Just busy-busy-busy!

With the exception of having to wake up early, and my house not as clean as I like, I really do enjoy keeping busy and spending time with the family. Here is what has been going on lately in my life. The life of a Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, and Granddaughter. You know...nothing too exciting. Nothing that many people will care to stop and read about. However, probably what you all are doing as well. :-)

Living the Everyday by March to December

Saturday started out with hanging out with MeeMaw. She has Alzheimer's and cannot be alone. It is not an easy task. It is well worth it though! She has always done so much for me and mine. It is like I tell her over-and-over. It is our turn to take care of her! If that means giving up a Saturday and answering the same questions multiple times; I am happy to do it! 

The kiddo is as well. She tells him every 5-10 minutes how tall he is getting. (He is. He doesn't do it gradually either. He shoots up an inch at a time and usually over the span of a week). He smiles at her and agrees. He also likes to sit with her and snuggle up. The kiddo was teaching MeeMaw about Pokemon. ha ha ha. I couldn't help but smile. 8 and 80 years old. Bonding over something she will do or use. She was interested because her Great Grandson was interested. Then they pulled out Weather books. She would tell him about growing up in Alabama and the weather she experienced. He was all ears and soaked it all in. Those are moments I live for!

Halloween 2016 - Trick or Treating

Shh!! We are just going to overlook the fact that it has been months since we last spoke. I delt with being diagnosed officially with PCOS, school starting back, spending more time with the family, and the busiest month of the year for our little family.

We love love love all things Autumn and Halloween. By we, I mean my son and I. My husband is along for the ride. This year my sister and her kids were along with us. We were doing something every single weekend this past month. So much fun!

It all lead up to Halloween this past Monday. Let me just say, Halloween on Monday suuuucks! I feel like this week has been two weeks long already and Wednesday isn't even half over. That being said, we still had a blast on Halloween.

My son picks out (and usually sticks with) what he is going to be for Halloween November 1st the previous year. He really only changed once. This year he wanted to be some sort of scary skeleton. He went the Grim Reaper way. For years now, we usually pick a theme (around what the kiddo is wearing) and all dress up. This year it was six adults following one kid around trick-or-treating. I loved it though!!

Halloween 2016 - Tirck or Treating

The pics are not the best quality. I was using my phone. I also hate how I look in that middle photo. It is all about memory keeping and not looking selfie\internet worthy. As you can see, the kiddo is crazy scary looking! This is the 1st year he has gone scary though. He kept turning his head to the side when I would take his photo. For some reason it was even more scary that way!

The Importance of a Good Doctor

I should start out by saying that I am not in the medical field, whatsoever! A "good doctor" is only my onion of what that is. You should always do your own research into getting a doctor, and listen to your doctor! With that said, here is what I think is the importance of having a good doctor.

My Story

What made me think about this being a good topic to share with you all, was my experience with bad doctors. Maybe not so much "bad" doctors, but doctors who do not listen to their patient. I understand that they are doctors. What I might think is going on, might not be what is nescerally what is going on.

I have been going to the doctor without a parent to advocate for me since I was 23 years old. I went years between going with a parent to going alone. The thought of that scared me for some reason. That being said, I got pregnant when I was 23. Being pregnant gets rid of a lot of fears one might have when it comes to the doctor. You go so much, get undress so much, and get so many...oh so many...needles stuck in you.

After I  had my son, I started getting migraines. I went to a new doctor for help. I was immediately put on daily medication, that I kept taking for about 5 years. Not once was there talk about what could be causing the migraines. Not once was there a follow up to see how I was. The only follow up was when I need more medicine. I would have to make an appointment, pay my co-pay just to have the doctor write more medicine for me.

5 years after taking said medicine I started itching all over. I went to the doctor, they took blood, and sent me on my way. I called back nearly a week later to ask the results of the blood tests; and they told me all was clear. Not one mention of trying to find out what is causing my itching. I am talking about itching so bad it kept me awake at night.

Silly me; I kept going back. I would complain every time and then keep going back. Fast forward 3 years. I had gone back to the doctor nearly 15 times for different problems. Always blood tests, always that they came back okay, and never a solution to the problem.

I kept going back because something was wrong. At this point I didn't even care if  there was a solution to the issues that plagued me. I only wanted answers. I only wanted someone to tell me I was not crazy. I knew something was wrong. I knew my body. The doctor would not listen to me. She kept coming back to I was overweight. That all my problems could be pegged down to that I needed to loose weight.

What about the weight itself? I kept telling here that I was trying. Truly trying! It won't come off. Could that not also be a symptom of something else? She would send me for blood tests (I am sure looking for something she could give me medicine for). Then when it would come back all clean, I didn't hear anything.

A Different Doctor...the Same Story 

Inexpensive Chalkboard Signs with Color4Fun Markers

Inexpensive Chalkboard Signs with Color4Fun Markers by March to December

I realize that last Wednesday's post I said that I would be back with more information on how to download, unzip, and save your digital scrapbooking supplies. I have not gotten the video ready for that yet. I think I bit more off than I could chew, saying I would have it done in a week's time. Look for that in the near future. I am working on it!

Today though we are going to take a step away from digital scrapbooking and actually pull out some paper and markers! That's right. We are going to get our hands dirty. I got these chalk markers at a discounted price in order to review them. When they came in I thought, "What am I going to do with these?" I am a digital scrapbooker after all.

I ended up taking them to my son's bathroom and playing on the mirror with them to start out. He has past holiday window clings all around the side. I've written him little encouraging notes with dry erase markers. These were fun! They erase pretty well too.

Inexpensive Chalkboard Signs with Color4Fun Markers by March to December
Then the idea popped into my brain. I could use these to make a fun project; and that the kiddo and I can do together! We could make fun signs with these. We could also do them on the cheap. 

Inexpensive DIY Chalkboard Signs

You can use chalkboards with this. You could actually erase them if you do. I was looking for a much cheaper alternative to buying multiple chalkboards. Here is how we made our own cheap and homemade Chalkboard Signs. 


  • Chalkboard Markers
  • Black Cardstock 

That's it. Really. Of course I used Colors4Fun High Quality Liquid Chalk Marker Pens on mine. Like I said before, I got these at a discounted price to offer my review on them. You don't have to use these to make your inexpensive DIY Chalkboard signs. I loved the colors of these though and they were so easy to use. Just shake them up, press the tip in until the paint comes down, and paint away! The only negative thing I would have to say about these markers is about the initial pressing in to get the ink out. I wasn't aware, so I am letting others know, that once the paint starts coming down the tip, it goes fast! I found that small presses over and over again kept me from pressing out a big glob of ink all at once. 
I went with card stock because I got more for my money. I tried to find online what I bought in the store, but they just do not seem to have it. Any black cardstock will work. I went to the crafting section of walmart and found a pack of just black 8.5x11 scrapbooking cardstock. It was $5. 
Why did I choose cardstock? Like I said before, I got more for my money. Would I have liked a bulk purchase of chalkboards for $5? Of course! That isn't going to happen though. I got 50 8.5x11 pages for $5. The chalkboards I found were $4 for a 5x7 size. I was going to be making fun signs and cards with an 8 year old. We needed quantity!