Closing up Shop

Hi everyone. I am sorry to do this. However, with working 2 jobs, my other blogging duties, and my scrapping duties, I have not found time to actually blog. Well, blog worth anything anyway. So, with that being said, I have to cut somethings out of my life. I am closing up the blog for right now. Thank you all for reading and playing along with me. I am sure I will be back later.

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Wordless Wenesday | Dino Chomp!!

The thing he begged us for for Christmas but has played with it less than 5 times...

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Scrapbooking Saturday | Bella Gypsy Designs

Happy Saturday everyone! Today brings another addition of Scrapbooking Saturday. Where I talk about everything from my favorite designers, fun kits themes, tips, and sales! Today, I am going to talk about one of my all time favorite designers. Well, actually designers. They are sisters designing together. I am talking about
HERE is their store.

Scrapbooking Saturday | Birthday

Happy Saturday everyone! This saturday has me working & thinking about an upcoming birthday. My hubby turns 31 in a week. According to him, that is when you turn old. Thanks a lot! Seeing how I will be 32 in a few months. Old lady apparently.
In thinking about birthday, it got me to thinking about all those fun birthday scrapbooking supplies out there. From the kits to the extras. So, today I looked around some of my favorite stores and picked out a few goodies to show you. All birthday related.

A birthday photo from Bug's 5th birthday. It works for this. :-) 

My Favorite Photo

If you know me, it is no secret that I love taking photos. It doesnt really matter of what. People, the sky, animals, myself, nature, or really just anything. Of course since I became a mother, my most favorite thing to take a photo of is my child. I have always said that he had more photos take of him (by me) in the 1st year of his life than I had of me my entire life to that point. I was 25 years old. 
I hope when he grows up and looks back, that he appreciates (if even a little bit) some of the photos I took of him growing up. The scrapbooks I made. The documenting of his life. If not him, maybe his wife or children. However, if I know my child, he will. I also know, that when he has flown the coop, I will greatly appreciate the fact that I documented his life....even if it might be a bit over documented. 

I am that person who is following my kid around with a camera in his face. I am that person at parties taking photos of EVERYTHING. It isnt just my kid. It is my nephews. My friend's kids. My family members. Myself. My husband. My friends. It doesnt matter! I just love it! I am not even sure that I am good at it. 

All this being said. I was thinking this week. 
Do I have one favorite photo? 
I knew immediately that I did. To be honest, I don't even know who took it. 

This was taken the 2nd day Z was born. This is a new father taking in his son. A new father who had never held a baby until he was handed his son straight out of his wife. A new father who was thrown into being a father a month sooner than he expected.
You can see it though. Love. This is his son. A tiny red, squirmy, and hairy little person. Yes, all that. However, it is his son. He really didn't know what to do with him outside what he was doing here. Hold him and love him. So, that is what he did.

Then he did so much more. There was a time (stupid night shift job!) that he was the primary parent. His arms was the only place Z would fall asleep. Sometimes, when he is having a bad night, that is still the only place he will fall asleep. His daddy can fix anything when no one else in the world can. They fight like cats and dogs. Laugh at the same things. Walk the same. Sleep the same. They are clutzy just the same.

It all started here though. When all they had was love and trust. A father's love for his little son. A son's trust for his father.

That is why this is my favorite photo. 

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Wordless Wednesday | Woof!

Since I hardly post about the other member of the family....

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What I Learned from 3rd Shift

Although I have been in the land of the living (working 1st shift) for a year and a half, my mind, body, heart, and soul still remember working those night shifts. Working 12 hour shifts all night, seeing my family for a fleeting moment in the morning, and trying to sleep during the day.
If it was just me, I would go back and do that in a heart beat. I still struggle some times with what I called the "3rd shift bug". The inability to fall asleep at a decent hour at night. Insomnia I guess.

One of the things I learned while working nights is how to balance working while still being wife & mom.