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Project 52 | Catch Up

Z covered in chalk and just being a kid. <3
So, taking a few weeks off from blogging, I got a bit behind on my Project 52. Fear not!! I did not actually get behind on taking of the photos. Be it camera or phone, I am always taking photos. So, this post I am going to update Week 14 - 16. So, I will hop right to it. 

Week 14: Growth
I am posting Z's weekly photo along with these since I am posting three weeks at once.
This week, we had stopped by where my sister-in-law was getting married. I have lived in this area my entire life and I actually wanted to get married here. I never actually visited the place before. We checked it out on this beautiful spring evening. The wisteria was blooming that day. It was SO pretty!! So, I thought that would be an appropriate photo for "growth". 

Week 15: Childhood
Z's weekly photo could say "childhood" too! Sitting in a parking lot eating a Popsicle and getting more of it on his face!
Childhood. I could probably fill a post (or two) up with just that. However, I went with this. We bought some silly string and the guys had fun with it. I just so happened to capture this photo. It was when Z actually got his to work. He squealed with delight. I would just like to point out, that this was pretty much the only time they shot each other with the string...they were mainly shooting me with it!

Week 16: Skyline 
Look at my handsome little man all dressed up for Easter!!
The skyline was not a hard thing for me to capture. I probably take a photo of the sky about once a week. This is what the skyline looks like out in the country. :-) This was on a overcast morning. I am a lover of weather. I enjoy rainy days as much as the sunny. Each type of weather has its beauty. I would say I am not a fan of tornadoes though. Scary!! 

So, there you go. Three weeks all rolled up into one post. This weeks prompt is 

A Favorite Place

I have an idea in mind but haven't captured it yet. I am off work tomorrow (it is the hubby's THIRTIETH birthday) so I might go take that photo tomorrow...

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  1. These are great!! I love capturing moments :)

  2. Both the wisteria and barn and the stormy sky are such pretty pictures!! And how perfect is that funny string pic? They were worth the wait :D
    As luck would have it, I had three busy weeks too and caught up today :

  3. I just caught up with yours. Your photos were great!!