Not so Wordless Wednesday

Z at his school play. Along with his best friend (cousin), and "Browine".
Hi. Well, you know me. I basically use this blog as an excuse just to have another place to post the insane amount of photos I take. I pretty much should call it "Mom's Photo Album".

I really haven't felt like writing the past few days. Or really this past month. I usually get like this with every change of the season. There are, usually, a ton of things that are going on with each change of season. Especially Winter and Summer.

Summer is upon us and I am getting antsy. I am ready for it to be here. I am ready for hot days, ice cream, swimming, sitting out side at night, and so on. I love winter! I am just ready for a change.

Z will be out of school in about 3 weeks. He will be a 1st grader!! His best friend will be a kindergartner!! Just so much to wrap my mind around. They are growing up too fast. Z stands up to my lower chest. His feet lack about two inches to being as long as mine. (They stink!) He has that slight attitude that he never had before he started school.  He is just growing up before my eyes!

He learned to read this year! He can write pretty much anything (that a child can write). Not only can he read...he LOVES to read. He likes math about as much as his momma...not at all. He is learning so many things and is just growing up before my eyes. It will be a flash and he will be grown and I will be talking about my grandbabies.

Last night, he crawled in between me and his Daddy in the middle of the night. Snuggled up against me and fell back asleep. He still runs up to me, when I pick him up after school, yelling "MOMMMMY!". Yes. He still calls me Mommy. Even in public. He is giving up on the kissing and hugging people as much as he used to. He has only turned me down once. That was at my sister in-laws wedding.

I realize I am rambling. I am just struck at how fast they grow up. Saddened and happy at the same time. There is a mom in the blogging community who was getting her son read for Pre-K and she lost him this week.

We are not promised the next moment. We are not promised "in a second" or "maybe later". Go hug your children and remember, they are gift. This little boy with a head full of glorious red hair was a gift to his parents and went home at a young age. I truly do not have the words that can even begin to express how I feel when a child passes. My little one is the axis of my world. I grieve with these parents. The blogging world and more are coming together to support them. If you want to, HERE is some information on that. HERE is some information on financial support.

Go hug your children!